Fun Lovin’ Literacy Teachers

Not been writing on the blog for some time – been busy (really busy) working on an adult literacy project called Citizen Literacy. It has been a blast working with some of the leading adult literacy teachers in the UK. We are creating a smartphone App for learners that features quite a bit of AI tech, like  voice and handwriting recognition technologies for learner input and virtual tutor voices to provide information and directions to learners. Even better the final version of the App will be free to use, with no registration required, no adverts and no personal data recorded – it is being made available as a common good.

We have all been working incredibly hard on the project and yes the literacy experts are great to work with…so great we are saying it does not feel like work. Hope to get a break to work on the EdTech guide soon and this work will feed into it – new working Title is ‘Next Generation Learning Design’.