Resilience Reloaded

Violas – pretty and delicate but tough as old boots!

Been coming across disturbing statements about ‘snowflakes’ and ‘resilience’ in connection with the  problems that students face in completing their education. Some of this has come from surprising sources, people and groups who I thought would know  better than getting duped into repeating an austerity meme. If you have a problem with the education / economic system etc it must be you at fault – is how it goes… These comments often seem to come from folk who are pretty comfortable or who seem to think it is a rite of passage, perhaps just because they had it hard – like Doctors who boast about how many long hours they had to do as Juniors. Will need to work this into the Handbook we are writing. The fact that it is being picked up by right wing press and some ed-dev types is dpressing